what spiritual guidance and companioning

may look and feel like

What Spiritual Guidance and Companioning May Look and Feel Like

By Alice Holstein, Ed.D. Class of 214-2017

Member, Spiritual Directors International (SDI)

Below is a list of POSSIBLE things that may occur when you work with a spiritual guide and companion. It was inspired by a U-Tube presentation directed by Chris Mann, published on Aug 30, 2012 which appeared on Facebook.

-An hour especially for you to explore questions, issues, concerns, hopes and feelings

-A place of hospitality, safety and confidentiality

-Gentle, unformed, unscripted

-Sometimes sacred silence, sometimes joy, sometimes tears, sometimes thoughts

-A place to ask, what do I desire from the divine? How do I name it? Do I want to?

-An opportunity to share stories of your journey

-A reminder of hope and love for you, with you and in the world

-Knowledge of vulnerability and limitations

-An invitation to questions that open doors, inviting you to stretch and grow

-An embracing of your own questions, finding your own answers

-Help in discovering how you define yourself

-Exploring images of events, growth opportunities, love, pain and more

-Contemplation of points of transformation

-Hearing small parts of the journey of your spiritual guide and companion

-Discovery of discomfort, fear, doubt, apprehension and courage

-Identifying causes for celebration

-Encouragement to take small steps

-Discovering the power of gratitude

-Exploring prayer and how it does or doesn’t fit for you

-Knowledge that you will be held in the heart of your guide and companion

-An awareness of growth that may be slow but deep and rewarding

-Being supported during the discomfort of growth and change

-Knowing the intimacy of deep relationship with another

-A place to talk over many things of importance to you