A Tough Grace:

Mental Illness as a spiritual path

By Alice Holstein, Ed.D.

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A TOUGH GRACE: MENTAL ILLNESS AS A SPIRITUAL PATH proclaims the revolutionary idea that mental illness can be a profound spiritual journey. Contrary to popular viewpoints that spirituality is pious and easy, this work suggests that the path is usually one of tests and trials and suffering. Mental illness can be a kind of “tough grace” where people can reframe their experiences to understand them as a hero’s journey that creates wisdom and steely strengths. This shift makes a tremendous difference to enhancing self-esteem and reducing stigma. Mental illness can be a journey to the soul, a challenging route to wholeness.

Table of Contents


1. Twelve Blurred Years

2. Honoring Suffering and the Hero’s Journey

3. Hidden Causes of Manic Depression

4. Losses and Grief

5. Psychiatric Wards and Doctors

6. Pilgrimage to Faith

7. Miracles

8. Search for Healing

9. Enlightened Treatment

10. Whole in One


(120 Pages)

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A TOUGH GRACE: MENTAL ILLNESS AS A SPIRITUAL PATH Chipmunka Publishing, 2011, available from Amazon.com in e-book and paperback

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