Beyond turmoil: a guide through deep personal change

By Alice Holstein, Ed.D.

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BEYOND TURMOIL: A GUIDE THROGH DEEP PERSONAL CHANGE was published by Connexions Unlimited in 1992 under the author’s married name of Alice Mack. Plunged into a bewildering inner journey in the late ‘80s, the author wrote this book as a road map through the seeming chaos. This book is a step-by-step description of the stages, characteristics and coping strategies behind successful deep personal change.

In today’s society of breakdown and mounting crises, Beyond Turmoil serves as a bible to all those affected by trauma, uncertainty and the search for life’s deeper meaning. For those seeking new answers, this book provides hope that renewal is possible and that such inner change is the foundation for societal transformation.

Hailed as being ahead of its time at the time of publication, this fascinating book about mid-life inner work was hailed as exceptional by several key consciousness leaders:

Ram Dass said the book was “so well written that it held my attention in a way that no psychodynamically oriented book has done in years. The Biz (business) part was excellent.” He pointed out that cultural changes must be rooted within each of us and that the book addresses the psychological dimension of this change process with warmth and clarity.

John Renesh, then publisher of The New Leaders newsletter and since then a leading figure in higher business consciousness, remarked, “It’s one of the best self-help books I’ve read.” This is a really powerful book that he hoped would be repackaged with widespread distribution to an organization public just waking up. He especially lauded the excellent job of synthesis that characterizes the book, a time saver for busy business people.

Spiritual Emergence Network (SEN) staff said “Beyond Turmoil is up there with the best books on this subject (personal transformation) that I’ve read. I’ve been waiting for another book to affect me as much as yours and nothing has shown up.”

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BEYOND TURMOIL: A GUIDE THROUGH DEEP PERSONAL CHANGE, Connextions Unlimited, 1992 available from Amazon.com in paperback under the title of the book and my married name, Alice Holstein Mack, Ed.D.

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