A movement of movements: lets march

A MOVEMENT OF Movements: Let's March

This essay, a 5 minute read, is a “Call to Action” to restore American democracy as well as jumpstart a global renaissance through a global, non-violent march on Earth Day, April 22, 2020, the 5Oth anniversary of that day. The march is designed to LINK climate change and social justice movements in a massive outpouring that can shift the world to a new consciousness level. All peace-loving people and movements are invited to join. The facts support the existence of a critical mass of people and movements who are working to heal the planet or who might be sympathetic to such efforts. What remains is for these forces to link in common cause to create environmental sustainability and social-racial-gender justice and love. A MOVEMENT OF MOVEMENTS (MOM) is urgent to saving the world.

Part 1: Let's March
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By Alice Holstein, Ed.D. June 2019

Let’s March, again!  Let’s march TOGETHER with many other movements linking climate change and social-racial-gender justice issues!  When? Earth Day, April 22, 2020, the 50th anniversary, in time to get out the U.S. vote. Recent alarming news demands that we answer an urgent call to action!  Will you be ready to join the effort?

A MOVEMENT OF MOVEMENTS already exists, awaiting the LINKING of causes to create a global, mass outpouring of those working to save the world. Among them:

  • The millions-strong, historic Women’s March of 2017 that so inspired the world 
  • Bill McKibben’s  hundreds of thousands strong 350.org political actions group
  • Rising voices for the GREEN NEW DEAL (House Rep. Ocasio-Cortez global twitter following)
  • Accelerating Sunrise Movement supporting Green New Deal for climate change and jobs
  • Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg’s climate crusades; speeches to world organizations
  • The March 15, 2019, student walkouts from over 100 countries to protest global warming,
  • The Parkland Florida student-led national walkout and 800,000 march in Washington, D.C.
  • The Moral Mondays and “fusion politics” led by Rev. Dr. William Barber
  • An unknown number of powerful Black Lives Matter activists
  • The Standing Rock Sioux Reservation pipeline protest
  • The 2010-2012 Occupy movement, manifested world-wide
  • Resistance organizations protesting the Trump presidency and global autocracy
  • The #MeToo movement
  • Bernie Sander’s political campaign energizing millions of young people
  • Some 1-2 million NGO’s identified by Paul Hawken’s 2007 book, Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement In the World Came Into Being and Why No One Saw It Coming.

Hawken said---“these entities do not conflict with one another, an unprecedented historical happening.” I say---Up until now, however, they have not recognized their common cause---the need for a new operating system for planet earth, the need for a global MOVEMENT OF MOVEMENTS that can create a new level of consciousness, led by a host of grassroots leaders who do not have to give up their identity to share leadership. The Berlin Wall fell quickly. So can a worldview that allows abuses of power, disregard for the earth, the elite over the marginalized, and an out-of-control capitalism.

NON-VIOLENCE and People Power can win! A Movement of Movements can inspire positive follow-up actions. The influence will be far-reaching. Global rebirth and transformation is possible!

Let’s March Wednesday, April 22, 2020, globally, to shift the focus of power in the service of love and the sacredness of life. Let’s help save the world. Your participation and/or leadership matter.

Alice A. Holstein, Ed.D.  June, 2019