Over 50 Years Of Experience!


Alice is at stage in life of harvesting the fruit of an interesting journey, including breaking gender barriers as an Air Force Intelligence briefing officer for Vietnam–bound B-52 bomber pilots---and---leaving the service early because of being bothered by that war. 

In 1972 she leaped into graduate school to pursue her passion for creating participatory, humane organization change while working full-time at 3 successive professional jobs. In 1977 she earned a doctorate in Organization Development and began a career as a self-employed consultant and adjunct college instructor. She wrote a book about system change, then another in 1992 that reflected her joyful discovery of transpersonal psychology and inner growth while serving some 85 clients, large and small, before she succumbed to the ravages of manic depression in the 90s. 12 horrific years of suffering followed, now chronicled in her book, A Tough Grace: Mental Illness As A Spiritual Path which illuminates a revolutionary way of viewing mental illness. 

As she redefined and rebuilt her life, she returned in 2008 at age 65, to work part-time as a Peer Support Specialist at the La Crosse Dept. Of Veteran’s Affairs mental health clinic. She shares her story as a frequent community speaker, and pursues the future through Spiritual Direction training. She says, “I am proud that I am able to share my story with so many audiences, including college students and keynote speaker for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) 2016 state conference."